A Minivan With Substance For Soccer Moms And Dads Is The Dodge Caravan SRT-10

This rendering shows how a regular Dodge Caravan can be transformed into the AWD monster we've secretly always desired by squeezing an 8-liter V10.

This rendering will be quick and unique, and you'll wish you could buy one. Well, maybe not exactly, but it certainly outperforms other 90s and 2000s minivans.

SRT is first. It belongs to Dodge's performance group, which is often linked to vehicles like the Challenger and Viper, among others.

At the time (about 2001), the'soccer mom' stereotype that these cars became were strangers to fun and speed. 

You wouldn't expect the safe, family-focused people carriers like the Dodge Caravan to come with go-faster components and ornamentation.